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Reddick Discount Pharmacy
15320 N.W. Gainesville Rd.
Reddick, Florida 32686
Phone: 352-591-1116
Fax:     352-591-3003
About Us

two pharmacist smilingHealth. It’s something we work so hard for, yet still remains to be one of most overlooked things we sacrifice in return for some other short-time privileges. This, coupled with the kind of lifestyle we live with, can make way for the endless possibilities how we could inevitably stay in bed for a day or two and eventually fail with the responsibilities we have with what we consider as important. It’s a simple paradox of modern living that we wish we could just throw off the trash, but we can’t. And so living with it requires us to take risks so we can maintain the simple joys of life we now enjoy. Reddick Discount Pharmacy exists to make such goal possible by allowing you to live life and enjoy doing the things you love, while still effectively watching over your most precious possession – your health.

We are a private and independent pharmacy center, legally registered in the state of Florida, and operating on the mission of providing top-quality pharmacy services on the premise of compassion, skilled service, and professionalism.

Reddick Discount Pharmacy is a pharmacy committed to providing safety-ground services for all our clients. Aside from our broad supplier affiliations, we see to it that all of our products and supplies are compliant of state legal concerns and is listed under approved FDA drugs and medications.

Should you also wish to gain enlightenment about your most personal medication problems, you can always rely on us to listen and provide you with the needed professional consultation input and guidance for you to come to terms with practical solutions to these problems. With doors wide open, our pharmacists are enthusiastic and positive that you will be able to manage your necessities with proper guidance and continuous encouragement.

If you would like to know more about us and on what we do, you can always contact us at 352-591-1116. To meet with us in person, please Set an Appointment as soon as you’re ready.

Notice of Privacy Policy

Your information will always be secure with Reddick Discount Pharmacy. We will not disclose your information with anyone other than those who must see it in order to process your prescription and others when required by law.