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Multi-Med Packaging

Available to Everyone at NO Cost*

Ideal for Senior Citizens, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinsonism Patients

Medication non-adherence is a tremendous problem. Patients often get confused between many pharmacy bottles & fail to take medicines as prescribed. We are helping many patients by packing all their medications together by the time of the day. This complimentary service will enable patients to take their medicines at the right time.

Multi-Drug Packaging will enhance patients’ medication compliance and improve their health.

The Right Medication at the Right Time


  • Designed to help in drug compliance with maintenance medications
  • Arranges all meds by the time of administration
  • Incorporates an easy-to-use punch card system
  • Offers color and imprint options for easy pill identification
  • Makes it easy to keep track of all medications by using the date or numbers on the pack
  • Has a list of medicines on the side/top of the package
  • Promotes increased drug compliance
  • Is easy to carry
  • Offers peace of mind

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